We are different. We DO NOT chase sales. We simply share how we are using our oils in our everyday lives. Are you thinking, "But, I'm not a salesperson!"? GOOD! You don't need to be a salesperson or have any sales experience to reach amazing heights in this business.

Check out the following video for some great tips on how to start sharing!


Where can you direct people to go when they’re ready to sign up?
There are a couple of options for you to choose from. First, you can go directly to the Young Living website and use the link builder. Just enter your member number into the required fields and then copy the link that is generated. You can then paste it someplace you can easily access it (like your notes in your phone) so you can quickly send it to potential customers.

The second option, is for you to purchase a personal page on our teamoilforthat website. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to or simply click the HOME button at the top of this page and check it out! Browse the site. You’ll notice that each team member has their biography, photo, and personal sign-up link already all set up. We have found that directing potential members to your personal page can really make the whole process that much easier for everyone involved. With step-by-step guidelines, purchases and sign-ups run very smoothly. If you are interested in having a page (for a one-time fee), please contact Amanda Brunngraeber at