We have some pretty amazing Facebook groups that are available to you. If you are here, you should already be a part of the following groups and add your new sign ups to these as well. If you cannot access these groups from the links below, be sure to speak to your enroller so they can add you.

An Oil For That

This is Team An Oil For That's Facebook group. It is a great place for your sign ups to ask questions and to learn all about their oils. We all work together to share product info, answer questions and show them how we are using our oils. You will need to send your new member a disclaimer to fill out. Once they let you know it's completed, simply click the +Add Members button to get them in. Our administrators will verify their disclaimer and that they are in our downline before approving them. 

Happy Oil Discussion

This group is larger oil discussion group created by The Happy Oilers. It is another great resource for your new signups to learn all about their oils and how to use them. All questions will be approved by an administrator before they are visible to ensure they are posted in an FDA compliant way. 


If you are ready to dip your toes in this amazing business, your enroller will add you to our team business group. Your upline may have their own personal business groups that they will add you to as well.

Team An Oil For That

This group is created by Amanda Brunngraeber for her business team. We encourage, support and help one another in all things pertaining to the business side of Young Living here. This is a great place to ask your business questions. 

The Happy Oilers

The Happy Oilers group was created by our uplines, Madison Vining and Kari Rae Lewis. Madison is a Royal Crown Diamond and Kari is a Crown Diamond. This group is a HUGE business resource for us. There are tons of documents in the files section for you to explore. We are very blessed that there are some pretty amazing photographers in this group that are willing share beautiful marketing images for us which can be found in the business resources file.


There are many additional business groups we can add you to, but we don't want to put you on overload right away. Please contact your enroller if you would like to be added to our additional groups. There is a ton of valuable information available to us from extremely successful business minds, so say they word and we will hook you up!

The Refinery

This is Zach & Kari Lewis' group for their downline. In this group they share business building inspiration as well as inspiration for personal growth. 

The Lemon Droppers

This is Lindsay Moreno's business group. She is a very successful Young Living Royal Crown Diamond and the creator of the Lemon Droppers. This is a read-only group (so no posting is allowed by anyone but the administrators) where she shares important updates and there is a ton of business related info to soak in.

Team Hustle website 

Lindsay Moreno created a website for her team as well. The Team Hustle website is for her downline and you can request access at to join. There are inspirational blog posts along with other business resources, such as the Lemon Dropper book club, swag shop and more. 

Team Spark

This is Melissa Koehler's business group. She is a Royal Crown Diamond in our upline. The Daily Squeeze, which is another large oil discussion group, was created for her downline, so in order to get into the Squeeze, you need to be a part of Team Spark. Another great group for business talk and resources.


The Happy Oiler Men's Group

This is a MEN'S ONLY group created by Madison Vining's husband Tyler. This is great place for husbands/boyfriends looking to support their wive's/girlfriend's business as well as just a way for the man in your life to learn more about oils and how other guys are using them.

The Band of Bearded Brothers

This is a Lemon Dropper Men's group where they talk business, oils and life. Fill out this FORM to get them added. And for a good giggle check out the official B3 video HERE.