More than offering an extensive selection of oils with over 160 varieties of oils and blends, Young Living begins the process differently.

Young Living takes their commitment to oil quality further than any other company out there by ensuring all oils go through the seed to seal process. Throughout the 5 step process, all oils go through rigorous testing to make sure that the oils you receive are exactly as nature intended.   

The five step process includes:

  1. Seed: Seeds and plants are selected based on their ability to produce powerful and effective essential oils. Everything is done very carefully and selectively.
  2. Cultivate: Young Living is committed to perfecting responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods. They make sure that they are taking care of the plants and the soils so that they will continue to produce the best. In fact, in some cases, the soil is so rocky, their are employees of Young Living out hand picking the weeds. 
  3. Distill: Using a gentle proprietary steam technique, along with cold pressing and resin tapping, the utmost care is utilized to create the best of essential oils.  Gary Young has gone as far as having cameras installed in all of the distilleries, so even when he is continents away, he can, at any time, check on a distillery and the happenings, just from his phone.
  4. Test: Diluted, cut or adulterated oils are never accepted.  Young Living tests all of their oils on-location as they are being distilled, and they also have them tested through third-parties. They pull samples every 15 minutes as the process of distillation is happening, so that they can create the highest quality oil. 
  5. Seal: All oils are carefully bottled and sealed by Young Living. Throughout the process YL oils ONLY touch stainless steel and glass, NO PLASTIC EVER! 

Want more?  It is possible to go visit any of the Young Living farms around the globe and participate in this process.  Interested in getting this unique experience? Currently, you can go to Idaho, Utah, Equador, France, or Oman and see it in person.  Plus, there are more being added as you read this!  

Want to know more about the seed to seal process?  You can visit their WEBSITE or the facebook page HERE


Note: Because of the Seed to Seal process, it is so important to only purchase oils from Young Living and a responsible distributor. While Amazon and Ebay are great sources for learning materials and bottles, the oils sold there cannot be guaranteed for quality, and are unfortunately quite often tampered with. A product that cannot be ensured for quality is NOT worth a couple dollars of savings.  If you are thinking about making the investment in your family’s health by purchasing essential oils, please contact the person who referred you to An Oil for That or click HERE so we can put you in touch with one of our Young Living Independent Distributors.  They can help guide you through the ordering process and ensure that you are receiving Young Living’s quality products straight from the source!