You've read through all of the helpful information, asked questions and now you are ready to jump into this journey? Congratulations!  We are so excited for you to begin!  We want you to know right away that this is the best way to go, as it offers an amazing value, a commitment to quality, and, even better, no yearly sign up fees.  It is only about the oils and your life. 

So, what is inside the Premium Starter Kit?

  • A diffuser!  You will have the option of choosing from the Dew Drop Diffuser, the Home diffuser, the Rainstone diffuser (upgrade for $45) or the Aria diffuser (upgrade for $100). To find out more about the difference between the diffusers, check out this blog post HERE.
  • Includes 5ml size bottles of: 
    • Lemon

    • Lavender 

    • Copaiba

    • Peppermint

    • Frankincense

    • RC

    • Pan-Away

    • Thieves

    • Di-Gize

    • Purification

    • Stress Away  

  • Roller top
  • 2 packets of Ningxia Red
  • 2 sample packets: lavender, lemon, peace & calming, peppermint, thieves,
  • Set of small dram bottles to take your oils on the go or share with friends and family.
  • Informational pamphlets to get you started using the oils correctly and safely
  • AND you will now be a wholesale member (sort of like being a sam's club member) because you get wholesale pricing which is 24% off retail!  


The Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started as it is by far the best value and includes all the best everyday oils. Plus, there are some other amazing perks!  When you invest in your kit you receive everything listed above, AND you are now enrolled as a wholesale member. Being a wholesale member allows you to receive 24% off of retail pricing, which is awesome!  Also, once you get your kit and become a member, you are then able to be a Young Living distributor, just like us. Keep in mind though, you never have to sell a thing if you don't want to, but it just gives you the option if you change your mind.  

Plus, the best part, once you sign up through one of the members of this team, you too become a member of An Oil for That and get access to other oily resources and exclusive online facebook groups filled with a community of oilers excited to help you start your journey too! Something many people don't realize when purchasing Young Living oils for the first time, is when you do so you are joining a "team". And wow, I didn't even realize the importance of this when I signed up! A is such a blessing. Putting thought into who you are grabbing your kit from is SO very important!


Now that you have the details of the kit, all you get to do is go sign up!  Click the Get Started button below and find the team member who referred you to this page, there you will find further helpful details to walk you through the process and get your kit on its way to your door!