This journey looks differently for everyone. Some people skyrocket to success in a matter of months, while others have the slow and steady approach. Can you imagine just hitting one rank a year? In 9 years you could be making a Royal Crown Diamond income - that's a 6 figure average, by the way... A MONTH! Yes friends, you read that right... A MONTH! Head over to the income disclosure statement to see the details.

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Knowing your WHY is a huge step in figuring out how to reach the goals that will help you create a life you LOVE living. A life that excites you! As opposed to a life you merely go through the motions of. When you know your WHY, you will find the motivation to take risks, conquer fears and start your self on a path of living a life you have always dreamed of.  

Some questions to ask yourself to help you to better understand your WHY: 

  • What makes you come alive? What is your passion?
  • What are your strengths? What is something you are good at AND enjoy?
  • What fills up your soul? What adds value to your your life?
  • Are you living the life you always wanted? What is your purpose?

Many of us will tell you that we are passionate about helping others achieve health and wellness through natural alternatives. Some will say that empowering others - especially other women - is something that speaks to their soul. We all have different reasons for being on this amazing journey, what's yours?

Check out this EXERCISE on visualizing your perfect day. It may provide some great insight to help you figure out what you truly want your life to look like.


We are all about setting goals! And a goal without a plan is really just a wish. If you are ready to start setting some goals (and then demolishing them!), print out the Lemon Dropper Life Plan from the files section in our Team group and start goal digging! 

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There is nothing like being at an event with other like-minded, positive, supportive and fun loving oil friends! There are many events around the country, including HUGE events from our uplines Monique Mclean (You Infuse) and Lindsay Moreno (Fuel). Young Living hosts an annual convention as well as specialized conferences throughout the year. Be sure to watch in our Team An Oil For That Facebook group for the latest event dates and info.