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My journey with oils began when a six letter word changed my life.

Now, twenty rounds of chemo later “my” oils are as big a part of my families day as the boundless benefits they bring.

My husband's whirlwind diagnosis left us in a state confusion and I immediately began searching for as many answers I could find.  Essential oils are our oldest form of support. They support balance of the mind, body and spirit. So much of what we think is “medicine” is really masking symptoms.  Essential oils are not about solving a problem or masking a symptom; but, rather they give your body the support it needs.

We diffuse thieves every night for immune support, lavender for occasional nausea and my favorite….stress away to aid with emotional support.  Chemo strips you of everything.  These oils help support and revive.

Please do not hesitate to ask me about my continuous journey with oils and my household favorites.

Wishing you, joy & health.




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