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Visit me on instagram!


Oils rock! I have been using them since August of 2014 and have had such a great time learning about how they support the systems of my body, replacing toxic products in my home with safe and healthy alternatives AND getting a paycheck just from sharing my experiences and love of these little gems. My husband loves how fresh and clean the kitchen smells after diffusing some lemon and joy. My oldest daughter uses lavender on the daily with her constant tom-boy scrapes and bruises. And our youngest, baby June, is unaware of how her mommy combats her teething pains and whines just by using oils. They make all our lives happier! And now you're here! Feeling curious about the oils maybe? Perhaps you know for sure this is what you need. No matter how little or how much you know about oils already, myself included with an amazing team are here to help you learn how using oils is part of taking control of your personal wellness. Thank you for coming along this journey with us, I am so excited for you!

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