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Hello there and welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils. You are about to embark on an incredible new journey.

Are you tired of all the harmful chemicals in cleaning products? What about candles, tired of the overwhelming scents and toxic smoke that covers your walls? Imagine what they are doing to your lungs! Have you every read the ingredients in your beauty products, bug spray or even sunscreens? Well with these amazing oils you will no longer have to breathe in these harmful fumes, or apply them to your skin.

I am so fortunate to belong to Team Oil For That, this is an incredible group your women who have been there for me every step of my way!

Each and everyday I am more amazed by my oils and what they are doing for me and my family. So I invite you, let's do this together, by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit through me you will be invited to join this amazing group of people. We are committed to getting you started and guide you through your journey. I will be here to answer any questions you my have.

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