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Hi! I’m Katie Poma, and I’m a tried and true “Yooper.” smile emoticon My husband and I have made our home here in the beautiful Upper Peninsula and I am a teacher in a local school district. I am so happy to be able to share the many wonderful benefits that essential oils have had in not only my life but my family’s lives as well.

I’ve suffered with skin problems for over half my life, and have struggled with it mentally, physically and emotionally. It takes a toll on your body and I’ve always wanted to try something a little, well, different. I’m always willing to give anything a try once, so I dove right in to my Premium Starter Kit. One of the first things I did was make my own body cream and couldn’t believe how much I fell in love with it! My passion in life now is not only teaching but experimenting with my oils and finding new ways of using them in my everyday routine. Since starting in February of 2015, it’s amazing how much using essential oils has changed my life!

I am so excited to share my passion with you, and can’t wait to start the journey!


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