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Mother of three, wife, music educator, and professional singer are some of my titles. I quickly added Independent Distributor for Young Living upon using the oils with much success and joy!

I started exploring the benefits of essential oils during fall 2015. I was tired of getting sick, and wanted a way to keep the immune system strong and work on keeping family moods, allergies and sleep in check. A friend who is a nurse practitioner had been using and distributing the oils. I knew I could trust her research. Plus, Young Living's Seed to Seal promise was great insurance that no additives were included.
I ordered a Premium Starter Kit through her from Young Living, thinking that if I only used a couple, or a few of the oils it would be well worth it. I began using Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon in a roller to help manage allergies. I was amazed! I began using more of the oils in the kit and was impressed how they helped me and my family! That’s when I became convinced that these essential oils are worth the time and money to learn about and add to our arsenal. Oils for the win here!
Keep in mind, I was still a skeptic. Maybe there was just less cat dander this time, maybe it was mind over matter… time to experiment some more. I started using uplifting scents in the kitchen and calming scents in the bedroom. Interestingly, focus was better and so was sleep. Hmmm. When my kids came home with a scratchy throat and lots of kids were out of school, I started rubbing Thieves on their feet at night. No cold ever materialized. I’m liking this…
My oil research took off after that, as did my support for Young Living. There are other essential oil companies, probably with great products. Though I haven’t found another company willing to back up their planting, growing, and distilling like Young Living does.
Now I look for an oil answer before grabbing any other option– and there is almost always ‘an oil for that’! Since each time I have used them they have had favorable results I have moved from skeptic to advocate. My desire to grow and work toward whole living and natural choices has been supported greatly by introducing YL oils to my family. My parents have experienced great success also, and it is amazing to help people support their own wellness. What a gift!

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