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Hi I'm Kari Sue! I try and make everyday a good day. What is a good day anyway? It’s all about choices…even if life is hard and difficult, there’s almost always something to be thankful for. What are you choosing to be thankful for today? I am so thankful you are here!

I am so thankful to live my days with a super encouraging man. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes we both end up crying. We’ve been married since 1984. We were blessed with two children who are amazing young men plus now we have a wonderful daughter in law! We live in Oregon and love the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific NW. I grew up with a mother and grandmother that were wonderful bakers, thus one of my favorite things to do is bake.

I also love gardening, creating a “cozy” home and sharing life with family and friends. A more recent love is learning about essential oils and how they affect our lives in such a positive and healthy way. They truly are amazing!

I am so blessed by God’s love for me and this life I get live with others.

Have a good day!


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