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Hey! I'm Jessica and I live in Tacoma, WA with my handsome hubby and darling daughter. My life consists of volunteering at my daughter's school, crafting, baking, doing all sorts of DIYs and taking care of the home. My family and I love to explore our community and go out on little adventures.

I first started using oils because I wanted to continue on the path of switching to natural products and reducing chemicals in our home. It was a slow start for me, but once I learned about the oils I fell in love - my entire family did! My husband was a skeptic at the start, but even he oils everyday now! We've incorporated oils into our daily lives and will never go back.

I'm so excited that you are joining me on this oily journey. I am part of the best team who is always there to help and guide along the journey of essential oils! Can't wait for you to join!


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