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Hi there!! 
I am so happy you are here because that means that you are interested in oils and what they can do for you! I can't wait to help you on your journey! 

I am a full time wife, mom (Emma-5 and Jase-2), and special education teacher in the beautiful Upper Peninsula. My oily journey began in March of 2015. My family and I were out of town and my daughter was so sick that my husband had to bring her to the ER. I had been talking with a friend about oils for a while, but that night sealed my fate. I was tired of my family being sick all the time. Enter oils!!! I have been replacing all the chemicals in my home with oily products little by little. I love making my own lotions and body wash. Even more, I love knowing what it is in the products that my family uses! 

This oily life has been so amazing. I can't wait to share it with you!! 


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