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Hi! I'm Jen and I'm so excited that you have decided to join me on this incredible path to wellness! I'm a married mother of 3, and I'm a 911 dispatcher and oil lover. I started using oils at the end of 2015, when I heard that Peppermint oil could help me evict the Little Drummer Boy from my head. I dealt with *him* for over 3 years, nearly every day, and I'd had enough. The results were incredible, and quickly made a believer out of me. 

Since that time, I've found countless other ways to incorporate oils into my daily life, and my family and I have seen big changes. I'd love for you and your family to enjoy the same benefits we have. 

You'll also enjoy a community of people who offer support, tips, and a wealth of knowledge. You definitely won't travel this road alone! Initially, I found this all to be very intimidating, but I was overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity I found with my oil family. It truly is a Team mentality, everyone sharing their knowledge so freely. 

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, and know that I'm here with you every step of the way. Welcome!! 

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