There are tons of resources on the blog all about essential oils. These are some of our favorites and most trusted resources for accurate information on essential oils.

  •  The Young Living blog is a fabulous place to find recipes and more information on all things oils.

  • Seed to Seal:  This is the place to go to learn more about what makes Young Living unique to the essential oil community.

  • Oily Testimonials: A website with a goal that "...from the beginning has been to educate people on how they can take charge of their own health with essential oils."  There are tons of testimonials from every day people who are also using and enjoying Young Living oils. 

  • Usage and Safety: Directly from the Young Living website this gives you the opportunity to learn more about usage and safety.

  • The Lemondrop Lounge: Information on how to properly use oils. This site provides more oily resources directly from the Lemon Droppers.  We are proud to be Lemon Droppers and so thankful to be a part of an amazing team.
  • The Oilery: Another resource for all things oils.
  • Pinterest: We love using pinterest for all things Young Living oils. When you go over to pinterest type in "Young Living and then the desired ailment or oil" for suggestions on how to use, and hundreds of recipes from other oilers.  We do suggest to be a responsible oil user and research the suggested oils in the recipes, as well as adjust the number of drops of oils suggested because sometimes these recipes are not well researched.