Essential Rewards (ER) is Young Living's auto ship program that we business people are a part of because it just makes sense. You choose the products and the date you want them each month and earn free oils in return! As always, contact your enroller with any questions and they will be happy to help.

Essential Reward Benefits

Earn points towards future purchases based on your monthly ER orders:

1-3 Months: 10% earned
4-24 Months: 20% earned
25+ Months: 25% earned

  • Loyalty gifts at 3, 6 & 9 months, and an exclusive loyalty blend at 12 months
  • Cheaper shipping rates
  • Change your order and ship date as many times as you like during the month
  • Receive free monthly promo items if your ER order qualifies
  • Save your points for one big free order or use them as you get them
  • Only 50pv minimum to maintain your ER account
  • No obligation/contract so you can cancel at anytime

How do you sign up?

Sign up in your virtual office under the Essential Rewards tab and follow the prompts to start earning your free Young Living products.

Monthly Promotions

On top of earning points back in free product each month, Young Living also offers monthly promotions. In these promotions, you get ADDITIONAL FREE OILS & PRODUCTS for meeting minimum PV requirements that month. You also get extra essential reward exclusive FREEBIES when you meet those requirements just because you are on ER.


Because Young Living has such set such high standards for their products, sometimes items can go out of stock for short periods of time. For example, maybe an oil didn't meet their quality standards when tested or there is supply constraints due to out of season crops, natural disasters, etc, Young Living would rather not have a product available for purchase at all, then sell something that isn't the absolute best quality they can provide. When you start the business end of Young Living, it is extremely important that you are placing a minimum order of 100pv to get paid full commission. So what happens when you have your ER set up for 100pv but one of your items goes out of stock and you didn't know about it? Enter the PV Assistant! The PV Assistant has you create a list of your favorite products and choose a minimum PV you want to be at each month. If an item on your ER should go out of stock, YL will grab an item from your list and send it in it's place so you meet whatever PV requirement you set. This is also really helpful when you are wanting to meet a PV for the monthly promotions as well. If one month you are a big spender, just don't forget to to change it back the following month. To set up your PV Assistant, follow the prompts underneath the Essential Rewards tab in your virtual office.