There are three ways that you can use Young Living essential oils.  Since Young Living’s oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, they are safe to use in the following three ways:

Aromatically: Use an essential oils diffuser, inhale directly from the bottle, or place a drop in the palms of your hands and cup over your nose.

Topically:  Dilute with a carrier oil or apply ‘neat’ to your skin, either directly at the source of concern or on the bottoms of your feet.

Internally:  Mix with water or use a clear vegetable capsule to ingest.  NOTE: This can only be done with therapeutic grade essential oils! Always check the label for directed use. 


Young Living oils can be used in these three different ways. Not all oils can be used in all three ways though, especially internally. It is really important to read the instructions on the back of your bottles, and consult your reference guide for further assistance. Also, it is REALLY important to know that you should only ingest approved Young Living oils, as not all oils are created equally.

Always keep in mind that essential oils are safe when used responsibly. They are very powerful and need to be respected. It is important to do the research, consult your references, go over and check out the BLOG, and ask questions.  We are always willing and ready to help, and while we might not always have an answer, we most definitely can direct you in the right direction.