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Hi, I'm Emily, a wife to a real-life Captain America and mom to two blessings (with a third on the way from Ethiopia)! I have spent the last 18 months trying to clean up our eating by making sure I know exactly what is going into our bodies. This has been a labor of love and a fun little adventure. One day I realized that I was putting all of this time into what we were eating but I hadn’t given much thought to what else we were putting in and on our bodies. It was then that my journey with essential oils began.

I went from skeptic to full blown believer very quickly as I realized that these little bottles truly had blessings in every drop. I was amazed by what they could do. We found relief from bug bites and put a stop to our bedtime struggles with the help of essential oils. I have used oils to help ward off germs and to deal with them when they do come. My only regret is not using these oils sooner.

Since seeing how effective these oils can be, I want to tell the world about them and try to get them in as many hands as possible. In my opinion, these little bottles are life changers. This isn’t about a paycheck for me. This is about helping others. If you have questions about the oils I’d be happy to help.

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