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Hi, I am Cammy ­ wife, daughter, sister, friend and most importantly the mom of two happy girls, Violet and Haven. What started out as a way to incorporate the best quality essential oils into my Cave Girl handmade soaps has turned out to be an absolute blessing for my family and I. I have always sought out ways to make my soaps even more natural and take the same loving approach with my family's health.

My journey started while searching for quality essential oils to use in my soaps. A friend of mine told me how Young Living Essential Oils changed her life as well as the lives of her family members. At the time, I wanted a healthier and more natural alternative for my family. I started off with the Premium Starter Kit and never looked back. Essential Oils have truly transformed our health in so many ways. When the day came to start on my new oily journey, the first thing I did was break out my new diffuser and added a few drops of Lemon and Joy. The next day I decided to try Stress Away and amazingly, I felt an almost instantaneous peace­-of-mind. My outlook felt happier and more grounded which helped me get through another dark winter day.

I knew that I’d discovered sunshine in a bottle. Then came the next phase of trying other oils in the kit. From cooking and cleaning to home remedies and pet care, essential oils provide many alternatives to harsh chemical products, so you can create the healthy, natural environment your family deserves. We use these amazing oils every day and I am still discovering incredible new ways that they can benefit us. I am so excited to share this journey with my friends and family! I am happy to answer any questions you might have along the way!

I recommend getting started the same way I did ­ with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best way to get introduced to some of the most popular oils for a great price!


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