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When you realize that enough is enough and just because its on a store shelf doesn't make it safe enough for my kids, and you start to make changes.... for me it was my Young Living Starter Kit. It got the ball rolling to learn about and research the products I was using on my precious babies and assuming because it's in the stores on the shelf makes them safe. Well I was dead wrong and now I'm confident in my research and the changes we have made in our family have helped us to live our lives above the wellness line. We have been able to live outside of our homes and dr. visits. We enjoy our Essential oils - all of us! Even my one year old asks for them! Love our Oil Journey! So glad that I made the decision to just try the starter kit, cause this is one of God's Greatest Gifts on earth to mankind! If your interested in learning more please, I would love to help you with your oil journey too!!!!  


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