Something to really be aware of when purchasing brochures, starter guides and material for classes is to look for materials that are FDA compliant. There are many companies out there that are still selling non-compliant materials and you don't want that for your business. 

One of our favorite guides is the brand new Happy Oiler Handbook. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, 150 pages packed full of information and they are FDA compliant. It is such a valuable resource for your members. To get your multi-pack and a quick peek inside click HERE.

Some independent publishing companies that sell compliant brochures and starter guides are Oil Revolution Designs and KRE Publishing


We are beyond blessed by our Happy Oiler team! Our uplines, downlines and crosslines have some major skills and generously share their talents with us. They give us free access to graphics and images that they have created themselves, for us to use. You are welcome to access them HERE.  Please be respectful and thankful to these people and make sure to honor their work by not adding any of your own text, unless including your member number or website. Also, please do not re-edit by adding any instagram or facebook filters. 


There are many options for business cards out there. If you are looking for ideas, type in "business cards" in the search box in any of the business groups and lots of inspiration will pop up. You can find official Young Living logos to use in the Business Center and can use photos from the Happy Oils business resource folder or the official Young Living Flkr page. 


As your your downline grows, you will definitely want to check out this app! It estimates your paycheck (and it's pretty darn accurate!), informs you of your downline's rank advancements, enrollments and even when items go in and out of stock! There is a small monthly subscription fee, but those of us who have it feel is WAY worth it! Visit for more information.


Another great tool to help you build your downline is the ITOVI nutrition tracker. It is a little device that you hold in your hand that sends electrical frequencies to your body. It then measures your bodies responses to those frequencies and gives you a personal report. It connects to your smart phone or tablet via bluetooth so you can easily view and then email or message reports to the person you are scanning. Watch the video below for an explantation on how it works! The ITOVI works on a referral system, so be sure to contact your upline to ask for their referral number if you are considering one for your business.