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Hi, I'm Breanna!

I live in the beautiful country side of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my dear husband, Jay! We are both passionate about our faith, families, devotion to God and His Church. I am a newly called homemaker and love to cook, clean and organize (seriously, I do!). I enjoy painting and I get the warm fuzzies watching Bob Ross on a Saturday morning. DIY projects are always in the works around here and yes, my Pinterest account is flooded with ideas! I am loving my role here at home while anxiously and prayerfully awaiting little bundles of joy, in God's time of course! I am also growing in this opportunity Young Living has opened up for our family to make this path another support for us, all while keeping my passion of being a future stay at home wife and mother! Besides, I can't help but share the good news of oils!

I am so thankful you are here and are exploring all the possibilities with Young Living Essential Oils!!! Essential oils have been around for literally thousands of years; they are being used in the Church yet today and even referenced as being used in the Bible! I believe we are finally tapping back into the incredible value they truly possess!
I started with essential oils after our photographer for our wedding, and now friend- recommended trying Lemon oil to help with energy (must have been all that wedding planning)! Little did I know, the list would literally be hundreds of different uses- not even a year later! I am so thankful to have been given this option and opportunity in life and it has lead to an even deeper awareness of overall health; not with only our physical bodies but with faith, friends and family wellness too.

I am so grateful for the support this team can bring while learning about oils and now I'm passionately here to help you do the same! I am so excited for you and those you love to tap into this precious world of God's abundant creations! And with the help of Young Living and their Seed to Seal Promise, we are able to enjoy these oils confidently while benefiting from their therapeutic uses! Enjoy the journey & God bless!

"Bless the Lord, my soul; and do not forget all His gifts, Who pardons all your sins and heals all your ills."
-Psalm 103:2-3


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