March 2017 Promos


Need we say more? This month's promos are AMAZING!!! Check out the details below!

300 PV
Retail Value: $184.22

  • 15-ml FrankincenseTake a moment to refocus with the grounding aroma of Frankincense essential oil. This luxurious oil is a great complement to meditation, yoga, and beauty routines. Apply it directly to the skin or with a neutral moisturizer!
  • 15-ml LavenderEmbrace spring blossoms with the clean, fresh aroma of Lavender. Use this oil’s signature scent in homemade all-purpose cleaners and air fresheners that are perfect for spring cleaning. 
  • Thieves® Fruit & Veggie SprayClean up your diet by adding fresh, seasonal fruit! Our Fruit & Veggie Spray uses naturally derived ingredients to help you eat more produce at home or on the go. 
  • Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Blue CypressTake a trip outdoors with the woodsy scent of Blue Cypress and its fresh-air feel. Use this oil topically or aromatically to create an environment perfect for a quick breather.
  • Essential Rewards exclusive 5-ml Lime Vitality™Add bright, fresh flavor to food and beverages with just a drop of zesty Lime Vitality! Use it to simplify marinades and meal prep or to add some zing to purified or sparkling water.