Chocolate mint body butter


Is there anything better than mint chocolate??? As a conoseur of all things sweet - I think not! While shopping on Amazon, I ran across raw organic cocoa butter and decided it would make an amazing body butter paired with some Young Living peppermint essential oil. 

Making body butter sounds intimidating, right?  It's actually very simple to do and I find it empowering to know exactly what I am putting on my body. No sneaky "fragrance" or ingredients I can't pronounce. Just natural goodness! 


Chocolate Mint Body Butter

1/2 Cup Organic Raw Cocoa Butter

1/2 Cup Organic Unrefined Cold-pressed Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Organic Raw Shea Butter

2 Tbsp Jojoba Oil (vitamin E, sweet almond or olive oil could be substituted as well)  

10-15 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil  

The cocoa butter I purchased came in a large brick. Warning: you will be tempted to EAT this because it smells so good! 


I ran a sharp knife under hot water and cut approximately 1/2 cup from the brick. I added it to a double boiler pan and set it on medium heat to melt.  


I then added the Shea butter and let the cocoa butter and Shea melt almost completely down, before adding the coconut oil. Once everything is reduced to a liquid, remove from heat and stir in the jojoba oil. 

Next, the mixture needs to come back to solid form so we can whip it with a mixer. I poured the liquid into my stand mixer bowl and put it in the refrigerator for about an hour. You can speed up the process by throwing it in the freezer as well, but don't let it get too hard or it won't whip well.  


Once your mixture is somewhat solid, whip until soft peaks form. This is when I add the YL Peppermint essential oil. I always start small and let my nose decide what works best for me. Mix the oil in thoroughly and store your body butter in a glass jar. 

See!!! Easy Peasy!!! With those harsh winter months closing in on us, your skin will be thanking you for this moisturizing blend!