Join the Oil Infused Lifestyle Revolution

Are you ready to up the ante in your oil-infused lifestyle? Take part in the O.I.L.™ (Oil Infused Lifestyle™) revolution and you can make your passion for Young Living products more rewarding than ever!

Young Living has selected eight of their most popular essential oil-infused products for the O.I.L. lineup that we know you’ll love for everyday use:

NingXia Red® (Item No. 3042, 3044, 3045, 3046, 3525, 3526, 3523, 4710, 4893)
NingXia Nitro™(Item No. 3064)
Thieves Hard Lozenges (Item No. 3282)
YL Lip Balm Trio* (Item No. 5149; Essential Rewards orders only)
Inner Defense™ (Item No. 3295)
Each month Young Living will reward you with additional Essential Rewards points for adding any of these eight products to your monthly Essential Rewards order. Earn additional rewards the longer you keep any combination of these eight O.I.L. products in your Essential Rewards order. All of these rewards points are in addition to your regular accrual. While O.I.L. is not part of the monthly PV promotion, you can enjoy the rewards from both when you place two or more of the O.I.L. products in your qualifying Essential Rewards order.

Here’s how it works:

Bonus #1—Earn bonus Essential Rewards points each month, based on the number of O.I.L. products you have in your Essential Rewards order that month**:

For example, if you place a 200 PV Essential Rewards order that includes the O.I.L. products Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, NingXia Nitro, Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste, the YL Lip Balm Trio, and Inner Defense, for a total of five O.I.L. products, and your current Essential Rewards accrual rate is 20 percent, you will earn a total of 70 Essential Rewards points (40 standard points + 30 O.I.L. bonus points = 70 points).

Bonus #2—Earn an additional bonus on your entire Essential Rewards order the longer you keep at least two O.I.L. products in your order. Any combination of two or more O.I.L. products qualifies, as long as the items have a combined minimum of 40 PV. After three consecutive months of having two or more O.I.L. products in your Essential Rewards order, you will earn a 3-percent bonus on the sum of your Essential Rewards points for that month’s order. After six consecutive months, you earn a 6-percent bonus, and after nine consecutive months, you earn a 9-percent bonus!

For example, if you currently earn 20 percent back on your Essential Rewards order and you add at least two qualifying O.I.L. products each in February, March, and April (consecutively), beginning in May your new accrual rate through the end of the year would be 23 percent back! You must continue to meet the program requirements through the end of the year to maintain your bonus accrual rate.

**You may add any combination of the eight O.I.L. products each month. However, you will not receive additional Essential Rewards points for adding more than one of the same item to your order.