DIY Coconut Lime Body Wash

Young Living Essential Oil Lime Body Wash DIY

Summer calls for something fresh, and my lime essential oil is perfect!  Love the fresh, clean, invigorating smell in my diffuser, and now in my morning showers!  What an amazing, summery, refreshing wake up.  Plus, with these ingredients my skin feels really soft!

DIY Lime Body Wash Young Living Essential Oils

This recipe is SUPER easy and the ingredients are all easy to pronounce, and the total number is 5!  5 ingredients that every single one of my family member can use!  

Even better?  My son helped me make this recipe, so he is learning about the importance of our bodies, including being aware of what we are putting on our skin. 

DIY Body Wash Lime Young Living essential oil

Lime Body Wash Recipe

1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup honey (local is best!)
1 cup of Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (I used Mild Baby)
4 tbsp of glycerin (this helps make a lather
30 drops of lime essential oil

Mix all ingredients. Store in glass container and give a gentle mix each time you use it as the ingredients will separate. 

You can also use other essential oils such as lemon, stress away, lavender, orange, or even peppermint.  Because this recipe uses quite a few drops of oil, I preferred to go with a citrus oil because they are a bit more frugal in price. 

Happy oiling!!

DIY Coconut lime body wash Young Living Essential Oils

Thank you Amanda Brunngraeber for sharing your recipe!