Tips for Essential Oil Safety

Young Living essential oils are amazing and powerful. So with that comes the responsibility of using them carefully and correctly.    

The first suggestion is to make sure to read the back of each bottle. This is a quick place to reference usage suggestions.  

Second suggestion is to invest in an EOPR (Essential Oil Pocket Reference). This book is an amazing tool for understanding, learning and using your young living oils, as well as give you suggestions on oils to use on hundreds of ailments.  

The third suggestion is to go to your super fabulous oily help groups and ask!  More than likely someone will have a suggestion or at least be able to point you in the right direction!

When it comes to applying, diffusing and ingesting your Young Living oils, it is always best to start with less, and as your body becomes more in-tune with the oils you can increase.  If you ever have a situation where you may have used too much essential oil, especially on your littles, DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE.  You can ALWAYS apply a carrier right over the top of any application areas to further dilute the oil.  

An Oil for That Quick Tips for using Young Living essential oils safely

Please keep in mind that the only oils we use, love and suggest are young living oils.  It is super important to take EXTRA care when using other brands as they may not be of the same quality and purity.