Kidscents Diffusers


DinoLand and Dolphin Reef are the first Young Living models to be designed specifically with kids in mind. These two diffusers are a great part of our expanding KidScents line and are a phenomenal way to share the value of essential oil use with your young ones.

The KidScents diffusers feature multiple lighting modes. During the day, kids can experiment with magical lighting options to create their own play scene. At night, give sleeping children the comfort of a customizable nightlight and subtle white noise.

In order to allow for more variability, these ultrasonic diffusers feature a motor that can be matched with either cover, DinoLand or Dolphin Reef. Easily snap a new cover in place on the motor to match your child’s ever-changing imagination! Covers are also sold separately, so you can easily and affordably upgrade your child’s diffuser to provide either interactive scene.

With DinoLand and Dolphin Reef, you can creatively incorporate essential oils into your child’s routine! Let your child wake up to the aromatic atmosphere of En-R-Gee or Citrus Fresh. Brain Power, Clarity, and Lavender are also kid favorites.