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Hi! I'm Amanda and I am so excited that you are here and getting ready to start your journey into essential oils.  When my babies were actual babies, we began a long journey through allergy related eczema and it caused me to really look hard at the things we were eating and putting on our bodies. I knew I wanted the best for my kids, and the answers that I was receiving weren't enough.   When I jumped into oils in July 2014, they completely rocked my world and we haven't looked back.  We use oils every single day as part of our daily routines and I am so thankful to have them in the arsenal of health. 

It is because of my own journey that I have a huge passion for teaching others about oils, and how they can fit into daily life. So, I am so excited when someone, like you, is ready to dive in and start their journey.  As you go, I will be here to help and get you the resources you need so that oils can fit into your lifestyle too!  I'm an open book!

Congratulations!!! You are about to start a journey that can be life changing. 


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