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I am so excited that you decided to take this journey with me! Learning about how to use essential oils and the positive benefits they can provide has been really exciting. I was first introduced to them when my 12 year old son had gotten sick on a camping trip. A friend brought a diffuser over to my camper and honestly I was very skeptical and wondered how this could help my son feel better.  I have seen the benefits with my own eyes when he asks me every night to diffuse those same oils that made him feel better. My whole family has fell in love with the oils and each of them has their own diffuser for their room! It was a blessing that my friend shared with me the benefits of oils and I hope you will see the benefits too!
I am now using oils everyday and love to discover new ways they can benefit my family and friends! I am glad to help you along your journey so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and make sure you friend me on Facebook so we can continue to learn together!


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